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Aprao is a fully cloud-based proptech platform that gives property professionals the ability to manage their development feasibilities with increased accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. 

In practical terms, this means providing an online property development feasibility platform where users can instantly assess the financial viability of a project, calculate residual site value, produce a sensitivity analysis, and produce a detailed development cashflow - all in a format pre-approved and endorsed by many major lenders. 

KMI leverages this software platform to conduct thorough Property Condition Assessments on our clients' projects.

Cost Data

KMI provides cost estimating services at all stages of a project from the budgeting phase through the completion of design documents. Our team of experienced estimators provide our clients with detailed quantity takeoffs and pricing in every phase of design and construction. We take pride in providing our clients with accurate cost data that they need to make well-informed, financially sound decisions.

White Paper: "It's All in a Name: PM, CM - What Do You Do?"

The white paper discusses the U.S. and Canadian perspectives on the evolving roles of PMCM professionals that assist Owners with design and construction of projects throughout each of the five stages within the project lifecycle. It was presented, most recently, at the ABA Forum on Construction Law Fall Conference.