Program / Project Management

In today’s market, the planning, design, construction, and delivery of any capital project or development requires the coordination of a variety of professionals, resources, and services. KMI offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet client needs and effectively coordinate the project or program to ensure successful completion.

Our credentialed expertise covers every aspect of managing a construction project so that clients have the foresight to alleviate potential problems and the knowledge to make well-informed decisions.

Services include:

  • Construction Management
  • Drone Data Collection and Reporting
  • 360 Degree Camera Services
  • Pre-construction Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Feasibility Study
  • Reserve Study
  • Land Assessment
  • Budget Management
  • Procurement and Bidding Document Support
  • Capital Planning
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspection
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