Aviation and Aerospace

Tourism is ever changing and the Aviation and Aerospace sectors are constantly having to pivot to overcome challenges created by the changes. The need for replacing aging terminals, increasing energy efficiency, expansion projects, facilities improvements, and overall improvement of America’s airports is critical.  

KMI’s vast aviation and aerospace portfolio  illustrates what makes us a trusted construction advisor for a wide range of consulting services. We take pride in the leadership, expertise, and  success our projects deliver.

In our 20+ years in business, our
aviation and aerospace portfolio has expanded to nearly 100 airports across the world. From Fixed Based Operations to international commercial facilities and infrastructure, KMI  is dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of quality for all our clients’ projects and programs. 

map of US marked with KMI aviation projects

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Julia Estevez headshot

Julia Estevez Losada

Director of Program Management

Julia Estevez will be the first to tell you that since the beginning of her professional career, her state of mind has always been on the path of project/program management. She is known for her guidance and oversight to ensure that all project concepts come to life efficiently. Completing projects with precision, on time, and on budget is something in which Julia takes immense pride.

As KMI’s Director of Program Management, Julia proactively engages with clients and project teams from inception to completion – ensuring that all client requirements are met. She mitigates risks by diligently monitoring projects, making sure the project remains within all the agreed-upon constraints.

Full Bio
KMI has established itself as a trusted advisor to GOAA. As an OAR, KMI has established itself as an integral asset for this monumental [MCO Terminal C] program through the development and implementation of project controls for change management activities.

Davin Ruohomaki
Senior Director of Engineering & Construction

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority