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Signature Flight Support (SFS) is a subsidiary of BBA Aviation USA, which operates as the world’s largest Fixed Base Operator (FBO). They pride themselves on “consistent, exceptional service,” and seek partners who understand and provide similar delivery of their portfolio projects.

As SFS’s program manager for FBO and site development of their airport facilities across the United States, KMI is continually looking for efficiencies across its entire development program. We lead the development of project budgets, concepts, and ongoing oversight of designs.

A summary of services led by KMI over the years for SFS have included:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Owner’s Representation
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Project Controls
  • Construction Management
  • Design Management (from planning and concept through bidding and award of contracts)

18+ Years

KMI has partnered with Signature Flight Support for 18+ years to deliver exceptional solutions across their portfolio.
KMI is credited for providing the program management leadership on the first LEED Certified FBO in North America, at Boston Logan International Airport.


There are unique challenges that come with developments for FBOs. From stringent government regulations to land lease and support services to major airports, FBOs are required to abide by Federal Aviation Administration standards for commercial aeronautical services. Additionally, SFS typically requires operations are maintained during construction, with little to no disruption to clients, requiring a level of surgical precision.


KMI leads program management services as a strategic partner or extension of the client’s organization. We maintain close and consistent collaboration with all stakeholders and provide a detailed level of advice and solutions to clients across the board. From San Jose to Palm Beach, KMI has delivered one successful FBO after another for SFS.

KMI has managed more than 30 projects for Signature Flight Support Corporation, both domestically and internationally. KMI was brought on early to develop budgets, concepts, and provide oversight of the full scope of construction management. I recommend KMI as your construction consultant for any of your projects or building programs.

Joe I. Goldstein
President and General Counsel

BBA Aviation USA, Inc.

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