Is Ineffective Jobsite Management Plaguing Your Construction Process and Delivery?

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Drones are a more efficient means of data collection, both in time and cost savings. The agility drones provide for site management is unparalleled. With ever-changing site conditions, it is critical to the success of project delivery to manage the job site properly and effectively in real time with flexibility for any unforeseen challenges that could arise.  

The following details a few typical site management issues and how leveraging drone technology can help mitigate those challenges.  

1. Real-time Decision Making 

Are you making the right decisions for your project at any given time? Drones can collect more data in under 30 minutes than a person can in a typical workweek, according to CS Engineering Magazine. With instant connectivity, communication can be streamlined in real-time. This can combat potential delays that may impact the overall project schedule.  

2. Time and Cost Management 

Drones can be onsite at all times, without a human pilot, if needed. However, typically, stakeholders and decision-makers can’t. Utilizing drone technology, stakeholders and decision-makers can get an in-depth progress view in real-time, anytime and anywhere. This is especially critical when the stakeholders or decision-makers are outside the driving vicinity of a project.   

Planning processes can also be improved through drone implementation. Using this technology in inspection and surveys from the inception of a project can more accurately help define and set schedules, as well as budgets.  

3. Holistic Approach to Site Safety Management 

Since 2018, the construction industry has seen a vast improvement in the safety and reliability of drones on project sites. Reliance on drones vs. man in risky environments can not only keep OSHA happy but also save lives. Drones can take the place of ladders and lifts or reach tight-enclosed spaces that are not suitable for human access.  

Drone technology is here to stay. We will only see a rise in usage, automation, and artificial intelligence on construction projects. At KMI, we use drones for documentation purposes, increase site safety, and real-time site monitoring. High-definition photography is also useful in condition assessment and milestone evaluation. We would love to talk to you about leveraging our drone services on your next project. You can reach me directly at