Annette Knopp headshot

Annette Knopp

Director of Finance

One of Annette’s proudest accomplishments over the past 20 years at KMI is building a fantastic support team in Accounting and Human Resources; the groups represent KMI’s core values. As the company’s Director of Finance, Contracts Administrator, and Office Manager, Annette understands the importance of prioritizing her clients and bringing financially sound operations to each project. She thrives in her leadership position, which allows her to collaborate with her clients and colleagues effectively.

Annette develops contracts and detailed financial analyses for all KMI projects. Her responsibilities include cash-flow projections, forecasting, purchasing, and contract administration and compliance. Furthermore, she manages project cost systems, time tracking systems, and payroll. She oversees KMI’s Human Resources and Information Technology. Before her leadership role at KMI, Annette held positions at the Ritz-Carlton Expansion & Club in St. Thomas, USVI, and Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Community service is essential, and Annette has a passion for giving back through volunteering with the KMI Cares program, delivering the best quality service to her clients, and mentoring her younger colleagues by sharing her extensive knowledge of the industry.

She is skilled in lecturing small groups about holistic, healthy lifestyles, mindfulness, compassion, thoughtfulness, and empathetic listening to help others succeed. If given a chance to do anything in life, even if it meant no compensation, Annette would continue to work to see the success of KMI.


  • Graduate of L C Bird High School, Chesterfield, VA with a focus on Business and Accounting


  • State of Florida Certified Notary Public 919402


  • Member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Board Member of Homeowners Association (HOA), Secretary/Treasurer